Copper+ Microfibre Cleaning Cloth – Pack of 5

Copper+ microfibre cleaning products remove dirt as well as viruses and bacteria.

  • Hygienically clean only with copper and water
  • The natural power of copper against bacteria and viruses
  • Tested and confirmed by renowned laboratories
  • Saves time & money
  • Protects people and the environment
  • Developed and manufactured in Austria

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Copper Plus - Desinfektions Mikrofasertuch mit Kupfer

made in Austria

Rezi, Copper+, CopperPlus, Microfasertuch

At the company headquarters in Lustenau, copper products, cleaning cloths, mops and cleaning sponges are manufactured “Made in Austria”.

With its comprehensive product portfolio of cleaning products and supplementary accessories, REZI serves various markets and precisely covers the most diverse needs and requirements. The products are made of microfibres, natural fibres, sponges, copper, stainless steel or steel and are ideally suited to the respective area of application.

The product portfolio is aligned according to the quality levels Profi, Premium and Basic. This means that REZI’s solutions are ideally matched to the different requirements and areas of application.

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FAQ – Any questions?

Like all microfibre cloths, it is best to wash it in a laundry net at up to 60 degrees with a common detergent. Do not use fabric softener, as it seals and destroys the fine microfibres. Do not use a tumble dryer.

Copper+ remains effective for up to 100 washing machine cycles.

Acidic cleaning agents (pH value below 7) are mainly effective against rust, limescale and urine scale. Examples are lime remover, toilet cleaner.
Alkaline cleaning agents are mainly effective against grease and oils. Examples are all-purpose cleaners, hand dishwashing detergents.

Yes, but they must not be acidic cleaning agents or disinfectants, but neutral or alkaline ones (pH value over 7).

No. What is important is that you always rinse the Copper+ cloth with water. This rinses out the dirt and the inactivated viruses and bacteria, and the cloth can absorb new dirt and more viruses and bacteria. In between, clean the cloth in the washing machine.

The microfibre cloth itself and the copper pigments cannot leave any scratch marks. The microfibre itself is a very soft fibre. The copper pigments are not copper shavings, but liquefied copper that has been permanently bonded to the fibres. However, the dirt particles absorbed into the cloth can cause scratches. Therefore, it is important to rinse a microfibre cloth with water again and again during use so that the dirt is rinsed out of the fibres.

No. The microfibre is given a particularly gentle and effective surface in a special circular knitting process. In addition, it is an extremely thin microfibre, which allows the cloth to absorb a great deal of dirt and liquid. For comparison: this special microfibre is around 300 times thinner than a human hair.

Cleaning cloth without microfibre

  • Residual dirt remains on the surfaces.
  • Bacteria and viruses remain on the surfaces.
  • Disinfection in an additional work step with disinfection chemistry necessary.

Commercially available microfibre cloth

  • Removes dirt, bacteria and viruses from surfaces.
  • Absorption of dirt, bacteria and viruses strongly depends on the quality of the microfibre cloth.
  • Absorbed viruses and bacteria remain in the cloth.
  • This means that germs are carried away and there is a risk of infection.

Copper+ microfibre cleaning cloth

  • Removes dirt, bacteria and viruses from surfaces.
  • Fineness and structure guarantee a very high absorption of dirt, bacteria and viruses.
  • Absorbed bacteria and viruses are inactivated in the cloth.
  • Danger of infection, spread of germs and odour formation are significantly reduced.

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32×32 cm Blue, 32×32 cm Grey, 38×38 cm Blue, 38×38 cm Grey


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